Water Tower Reconstruction in Daugavpils Fortress

The project of the reconstruction of water tower’s building was the first in a series of projects to restore the appearance of Dinaburg fortress. The main objective of the project was the creation of a model building to house the Dinaburg fortress Center of Culture and Information.

The project included the restoration of historic windows and doors, stairs and water tank, located under the arch of the building. Also, special attention was paid to the external walls and the roof, because of the need to accurately recreate the historic architectural appearance of the building. All design decisions were timely consistent with the Inspection of Monuments. Also, great attention was paid to the external lighting of the building at night. For to increase attraction and informativity, next to the building has been restored and is open for inspection the technology well of water supply system of the fortress.

To be able to use the building the modern systems were installed: fire alarm, CCTV and other communications.

fortresswater1 fortresswater2 fortresswater3