Design of roof reconstruction for Aglona Basilica

aglona01Aglona Basilica is magnificent architectural monument of XVIII century one of the most famous catholic temples in North-East Europe. It is situated in Aglona village ( Preili district). In 1980 the Church celebrated its 200th anniversary and was officially given the honorary title of a Basilica Minoris by Pope John Paul II.

aglona02Within the frame of long-term strategy for reconstruction of Aglona Basilica complex as a top priority task was nominated the roof reconstruction. In the scope of design works there was included: replacement of 2 500 sqm of roofing above aisles and a nave, bell towers, replacement of load-bearing elements. In accordance with LR legislation the project is being implemented in two stages- outline design and detailed design.

Technical investigation of existing structures had been performed before design works. Such aspects as load- bearing capacity, condition of construction units, fixing elements were tested and assessed. For load- bearing calculation there were specialists from Kaunas Technical University invited. Historical assessment of existing structures was done in order to preserve structural elements of high cultural value.

aglona_jumtsTo ensure the continuity for all new load- bearing roof elements it was planned to apply glued-laminated timber products (GLULAM).The exceptional durability and relatively light weight of Glulam makes it suited for use in buildings with long spans. Calculations and design of structures was performed in compliance with national and European standards and EuroCodes

The technical design was completed in April, 2007. In May “MALCompany” started construction works.