Daugavpils 12 school reconstruction and energy efficiency

Daugavpils Secondary School 12 is located on a plot of the total area of ​​5437 sq.m. The school complex consists of three buildings:
- Building 1: The historic two-storey building. On the first floor there are classrooms, offices, library and toilets, on the second - classrooms, offices and a conference hall.
- Building 2: A new three-storey extension. On the first floor there are offices, shops and catering department, the second - a gym, locker rooms and utility rooms, on the third - ventilation chamber and locker rooms.
- Building 3: The three-storey extension to the historic building with the ground floor. At all levels there are offices and classrooms, and on the ground floor workshops and toilets.
The total volume of the building - 11,727 cubic meters.

The scope of work included:
- Thermal insulation of facades;
- Reconstruction of the roof and the insulation of attics;
- Landscaping;
- Reconstruction of the sewerage system;
- Illumination of the territory;
- Installation of CCTV;
- Lightning protection;