The reconstruction of city water supply system “Ziemelu 1″

Architectural and structural design, supervising authority
Client: “YIT Latvia” LTD
1999 year

As part of international project for reconstruction of city water supply system(with a long term loan of World-wide(Universal) bank)there was developed a new water supply system in “Ziemelu” district. Complex of projected and existing structures there consists of 14 artesian wells with medium depth 70-150m, each well is equipped with own transformer substation, wells are connected by 2400m water-main, 8000m of double distributing main, iron-refining station with capacity of 33000m3/day with 8000m3 water reservoir. Project was developed according to european standards and latvian building norms under the requirement s of international agreements of civil engineering (”Yellow Book” FIDIC). Prime contractor - finland concern YIT corporation. Customer - Ministry of environment of regional development.