Multistoryed apartment houses on Raina street in Daugavpils

maprainaWithin 2 years company “Arhis” developed the complex of modern apartment buildings in the centre of Daugavpils City.

This complex of apartment buildings was built in the area with a highly developed infrastructure: markets, clinics, schools, parks, entertainments, public transport are located in 2-10 minute’s walk. Besides, owing to good inside block location this residential buildings are protected from street noise. The access to the complex is available from Viestura, Raina and 18.Novembra streets side.

raina26bThe project was realized in two stages. As a part of the first stage of project realization there was erected a 5-floor residential building with administrative premises and garage spaces on the ground floor. There are four apartments on each floor; each apartment has the same set of premises with different floor space:
- “Economy-type” (76 square meters) – 4apartments;
- “Business-type” (82 –106 square meters) – 8 apartments;
- “Studio –type” (76-106 square meters) – 4 apartments.

raina26cThe second stage of the project - 5-storyed residental house on Raina 26C (18-apartments). The following premises are design in the house:
- 2-bedrooms apartments- 55 sqm;
- 2-level apartments on upper floors - 112 sqm.;
- auxiliary premises for each apartment in basement.;
- parking areas.

Description of the project and plans