5.02.2013 – Projects for energy efficiency increase of building in Daugavpils

Company “ARHIS” continues the development of the projects for energy efficiency increase of public buildings.
Recent technical projects of renovation for energy efficiency increase:
-Orphanage “Priedite”;
-Care Center for people with special needs;
-Office and industrial buildings of Company “Regula Baltija”;
-Civil Registry Office building.

8.01.2013 – The Arts Centre of Mark Rotko is completed

As a result of reconstruction works in the Daugavpils (former Dinaburg, Dvinsk) Fortress, Art Centre of Mark Rotko was has been put into operation. More…

9.09.2012 – New apartments - leasing, tenancy, selling

Company “ARHIS” proposes the unique offer to the potential clients to use the opportunity living in new apartment in the new 6-storeyed dwelling house “Casa Verde” in   Ac. Graftio street, 25, in Rugeli district. We offer - leasing of the apartments, contracts on tenancy basis, selling. For more detailed information, please, contact our office.

9.09.2012 – The apartment in the new house under low price

Company “ARHIS” offers to purchase 2-room apartment with a total area of 60 sq.m. in a new apartment house on Miera 143А street , Daugavpils, for only 18 000Ls.

11.04.2012 – Marc Rothko’s arts centre

Our engineers are performing author and technical supervision of construction works at Mark Rothko’s arts center in a former artillery arsenal in Dinaburg fortress.

17.06.2011 – Co-generation stations

Our experts in cooperation with the Italian partners have begun the work on a series of projects of co-generation stations. The objective of the work is the creation of complex engineering-technological projects, adapted for the construction of stations on the territory of Latvia. The unit-type constructive solution will allow to accelerate the process of stations installation. The topicality of a problem is confirmed by appropriate legislative acts that are accepted in European Union and in Latvia to increase the part of energy from renewable energy sources.

1.06.2011 – The foundation of the Center of competence

Architectural-engineering company “ARHIS” in consortium with partners, among which are Transport and Telecommunication Institute, Daugavpils Locomotive Repair Plant, Joint-Stock Company “RAF-AVIA”, Joint-Stock Company “AMO-PLANT”,  Association “Logistic Partners ” and others, found the Center of competence called “” Within the framework of center’s activities company “ARHIS” will develop the research project “New methods of improvement of bioenergy generating plant’s”.