Development of housing estate Park House Rugeli

parkhouse1Rugeli district is one Daugavpils geographic areas, that can be proud of its public green space, surrounding scenic landscape and beauty of nearby forestland, what is so rare to see in a big city . Moreover, here is the purest city water reservoir, where are offered a lot of water attractions during summer time. Thus Rugeli district can be mentioned as a perfect place for residence, recreation and pleasant walking. Rugeli district has a big potential for growth and development. Rapidly developing infrastructure of Rugeli area, such as a planned construction of big supermarket, kindergarten, the closeness of public transport plays the considerable role in the future value of this district.

In February, 2007 on the land lot on Ak.Graftio street  25,  with total area of 12000 sq.m., the construction of residential complex Park House Rugeli was begun. The development of the complex is plannes to be  realizes  in four stages. The idea of the authors of project - architectural-engineering company “ARHIS” – to bring the refreshing features into the architectural appearance of this district has caused the positive response from the inhabitants of Rugeli.

parkhouse4The new multiapartment house “Casa Verde” is the first turn of the integrated construction of residential complex Park House Rugeli , that also includes the construction of 6- to 9-storeyed apartment houses “Double House” and 12-storeyed apartment house “Lighthouse” with terraces and underground parking area.

“Casa Verde” - is a 6-storeyed apartment house with 25 apartments and 16 garage boxes on the ground floor . The construction is completed in June,  2008. The building is developed under the author project of architectural-engineering company “ARHIS”.

The variety of the proposed apartments is quite wide and interesting. There are offered 2-rooms, 3-rooms and 4-rooms apartments with total area from 55  up to 98 square meters, with small balconies and big terraces. Positively, the potential customer will be able to make the most appropriate choice, following the design solutions according his own view of interior.

parkhouse3The next stage of complex construction -  6- to 9-storeyed apartment houses “Double houses” with total amount of apartments 108 approximately. There are offered 1, 2 and 3-roomed apartments of total area from 60 up to 100 square meters, with greater solar rooms, underground parking, storage rooms , spacious passenger lifts.

The wreath of the complex idea will be the construction of 12-storeyed house “Lighthouse” . The owners of the apartments on 2nd and 3rd floor will have the opportunity of an outlet from the apartment onto a big open terrace with and area for barbecue, winter garden. The owners of the apartments on the 3-rd floor will enjoy their comfortable 2- and 3-rooms apartments. The 11th 12th floors (penthouse) - with spacious rooms, little garden, barbecue area, large terraces and , with magnificent river sight, as well as with separate garage boxes and individual elevator – will be especially prestigious.

parkhouse2The residential complex Park House Rugeli is located on the land lot of total area 12000 square meters. One of the main concepts of architects during the project developing was to provide the architectural and functional union of all the complex buildings. The idea of the project is to create the whole united complex with completed architectural style and modern appearance.

The essential benefit of the project are the increased heat insulation of the buildings, caused by up-to-date materials, hermetical windows, that gives the feeling of warmth and comfort all the year round, separate heat consumption measuring devices for consumption of heat and cold and hot water in each apartment.

After the construction will be finished  the new settlers will see Park House Rugeli as a quiet and secluded corner with improved territory, with roads and pathwalks, well-equipped playgrounds and with many other features.

The investment  project of dwelling copmplex “PARK HOUSE RUGELI” is offered for sale.
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