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Rehabilitation of water supply systems in 18 Latvian cities
The tremendous project of rehabilitation of water supply and sewer systems in 18 Latvian cities, which are located in the Daugava river basin, there is designed under the leadership of international consultants of AWT company (Austria) according to building norms of Latvian Republic, European Union standards and the requirements of international building agreements FIDIC. This project is carried out by the team of Latvian planning organizations and among them there is the architectural-engineering company “ARHIS”.

As a part of general program “ARHIS” is developing the technical design of the pressure head sewer system and the pumping station reconstruction of Livani city municipality. Project provides the installation of pressure collector with 2664m length and complete reconstruction of three wastewater-pumping stations to provide the reliable work of city sewer system and accessibility of the system for new users. The main task of the project – is to prevent the pollution of Daugava river basin with waste waters and to supply city inhabitants with main sewer system.

Feasibility study for Mark Rothko’s Arts Centre
Feasibility study for 21 school renovation project
Development of water services in Valka, Latvia acc. with Fidic Red Book;
Development of water services in Valka, Latvia acc. with Fidic New Yellow Book;

In the last several years our spacial planning department has accomplished these projects:
The development of the detailed planning of 1. Pasazieru street district.