The development of the detailed planning of 1. Pasazieru street district

The former industrial territory of Piena kombinata district, that was vacant for a long time shall have the new face after the development of the detailed planning. The decision of the planning start-up development is made by the municipal Council on 27 July of 2006. The initiator of the planning development is the owner of the bigger part of the territory the company RIVONA.The developer of the planning - company ARHIS.

The area of the detailed planning - the part of the former territory of SpecATU plant and access roads, technical objects within Malu, 1. Pasazieru and 2.Precu streets.The territory requires the rapt attention of the planners because it has a lot of engineering-technical communication crossings,complex relief, that has been reformed following the economical activity.

The unattended territory became the place of dumps and illegal sand extraction. The nearness of multi-storey dwelling houses, the neighborhood with functional reprocessors and branch lines,transport nodal points generates a need of the complex solution of land usage.

The main target of the detailed planning development is the acquisition of the town-planning renovation conditions of the territory, becomming degraded and building up of commercial and public character objects.It is planned to build a big shopping and recreation centre under the same roof (about 26 000 square metres), that shall joint the commercial and public objects.

The Piena kombinata district has an undeveloped infrastructure, there is no well-marked centre.The admeasurement of the territories for the building up of the big shopping centre shall form the public-commercial centre of the district and entail the further development of production area,the intensification of the existing multi-storey dwelling building up.

The objectives of the planning are the acquisition of the territory usage target in the context of district and city development,the more precise of building up regulations,ordering of traffic infrastructure, the arrangement of access roads to each of the land plots.

The following development phases are planned:

August, 2006 - the first phase of the public discussion, the receive of the technical requirements, the study of the public opinion;
September-October, 2006 - the development of the first edition of the detailed planning;
October-November, 2006 - the second phase of the public discussion, the approvement of plan solutions with land owners and responsible institutions.
The group of company experts in cooperation with the Employer and City Building Council is working at the planning development.