Concept of modernisation of Meghri BCP in Armenia

Reconstructed BCP of the state border of the Republic of Armenia is located near the town of Meghri Syunik region, on the right bank of the Araks River at a distance of 375 km from Yerevan. Conjugated checkpoint on the side of Iran - Norduz.

Based on an assessment of the situation, it is proposed to optimize the security control scheme, while preserving the existing buildings and simplifying the logistics of movement of the controlled flow and staff in order to reduce the checking time and clearance granting at the BCP, as well as securing the state border of the Republic of Armenia.

General plan of the BCP is designed so that there is a possibility to increase the bandwidth during “peak” seasons. The estimated capacity of the BCP after the reconstruction is up to 400 trucks, 600 passenger cars and up to 2,000 persons per day.