History in Brief

1988 - on the base of faculty of mechanics and construction of Riga Polytechnical Institute (now RTU) there was established the co-operative research and building society “ARHIS” – one of the first transitional enterprise during the post-soviet period in the city. There were 12 people – company founders, among them engineers, architects, and scientific manpower of RPI. Mission of co-operative society – the development of individual buildings and constructions.

1990 - the development of design for Kraslavas region hospital expansion: the reconstruction of existing building and development of infectious and maternity departments.

1991, August - “Arhis” Ltd is listed in the register of businesses of Latvian Republic.

1991-93 - the development of tentative non-standard designs of modern city dwelling houses. “Arhis” is accomplishing the complete project realization - from concepts up to the turn-key design. In the same time the company is developing the drafts for inexpressive wastelands development in the historical center of Daugavpils city.

1998-99 - organizing the computer-based designing process, mastering the specialized engineering and graphical programs. Forming the stable team of specialists able to realize the very complicated ideas, such as first gas station in Latvia, which was developed in accordance with EC requirements.

1999 - the beginning of intensive seeking for new forward-looking lines of business development, entering into long business relations with foreign partners. The “intelligent” designing of parking lots (Klaus Autoparking), power-efficient houses (Hebel), diesel heating systems (Grammer), the solution of hazardous wastes utilization (Shenandoah, Thermotec).

2000 - the participation in important international projects of the city water supply and waste water systems rehabilitation. Work experience in multi-language team (Great Britain – Finland – Sweden), assimilation of European norms and standards for engineering design. Company’s contribution is noted by local government .

2001 - the registration of “Arhis” trademark.

2001 - the development and test of engineer solutions in the field of illuminated dynamic signs. Receiving of advertising –carrier license. The beginnings of “Arhis-Media” subdivision developing the franchising line.

2001 - reconstruction design of “Locomotive” stadium for auto tracking and speedway races is admitted by Latvian building Association as the best in “Reconstruction” nomination at annual review.

2002-2003 - the beginning of complete reconstruction of city market and conversion it into the city trade and recreation center. The first phase of trade center development takes the 3rd place in “New construction” nomination at annual review, realized by Latvian builders Association in 2002. One year later the reconstruction of the central trade pavilion takes the 3rd place in “New construction” nomination .

2003-2004 - the participation as engineers-consultants in the programme of water supply and waste water systems rehabilitation in 18 municipalities of Latvia under the direction of Austrian experts team.

2004 - the entry into Latvian Association of engineers-consultants ( licence Nr. 23 ).

2004 - getting of the permision to develop Daugavpils City territory masterplan for 2006-2018.

2004 - the realization of the 1st phase of the investment programme of modern dwelling houses development “Mansardu majas” in City centre.

2005 - the signing of the Consortium Agreement with German company “Fichtner GmbH & Co.KG” for the joint project realization within the frames of the programme for water services development in Eastern Latvia Rivers Basins municipalities. The Contract on preparation of the Tender documentation for Construction Works of water supply and waste water facilities in 15 Municipalities of Latvia is signed with The Ministry of the Environment of Latvian Republic.

2005-2006 - the active work on the development of the programme for dwelling houses in Daugavpils. The beginning of designs’ development and building up of multi-storey dwelling houses in the City centre and “Kimiku” district. The development of conseption for complex building up in microdistrict Rugeli.

2006 - the company gets the international sertificate ISO 9001:2000 , that confirms the accordance of Management system with international Management quality standards.

2006 - company specialists begin the intensive work on the development of the detailed planning, taking into account and developing the Territory masterplan solutions for particular City districts approved by Daugavpils municipality.

2009-2010 – reconstruction, revitalization and restoration spree was started in buildings of the Dvinsk fortress, Daugavpils. Within the framework of “EEZ / Norway financial instrument (2004–2009)” technical design projects were developed for the creation of cultural-information center in the former water-lifting building and for the creation of regional innovation technologies center in the former military hospital building.Information center became the first reconstructed building of fortress during the last 20 years. In the 2010 Arhis took part in the projects of energy-efficiency increase,landscaping and roof reconstruction for educational institutions of Daugavpils.Reconstruction project for the driving chain factory “Ditton Chain” was developed.

2011-2012 – Arhis took active part in international tenders. In the 2011 contract for the reconstruction project of the multiple border-crossing points on the Armenia- Georgia border was signed with the UNDP Armenia. Various actions were undertaken for to modernize three BCP’s. In May of 2012 Arhis received international environmental management system certification ISO 14001-2005. The most significant event of the 2012 was the taking of the 1st place in the “Best construction of 2012 in Latvia” award of the Latvian Builders’ Association in the nomination “Restoration” for the Mark Rothko’s Arts Center creation in former artillery arsenal in Dvinsk Fortress.

2012 - Arhis SC was founded as the Arhis branch in the republic of Armenia.

2013 – Arhis continues work in international projects in Armenia. Contract responsibilities are executed for the modernization of Gogavan, Bagratashen and Bavra BCP’s. Company takes active part in international tenders.