Real Estate Programmes

The analysis of tendencies of the real estate market development of Latvia and, in particular, Daugavpils, shows, that the future is behind the sector of new residential construction. The existing available housing cannot satisfy growing needs of the population any more. Tendency to convenience, to positive self-sufficiency and changing living standards requires  to resolv the human habitation task from a new point.

There are 20 highly qualified architects and engineers working in the company and about 10 specialists are working on a contract base. Professional software (Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2006, Autocad 2002, Autocad 2006 and others) allows achieving the highest level of designing.

The architectural –engineering company “Arhis” is unique on the real estate market of Daugavpils for its complex solution of all the tasks of dwelling house developing - from registration of the property rights to the management and maintenance of the house. Co-ordination of works is provided by specially created group ” Arhis Construction “.

The site preparation - the solution of all the tasks, concerned with the procurement or renting of the site, registration of property rights in the Land Register Department, the investigation of the site, the conduction of geological and topographical surveys, the detailed planning development, when necessary.

The design works – the specialists of complex engineering department, basing on the architectural task, develop the technical design of the future dwelling house.

Construction supervision – after the permission for construction works is received and the contract with the chosen construction company is signed, the specialists of the company are accomplishing the author and technical supervision of the construction works in accordance with the approved design.

The apartments reservation and sale - the informative and advertising campaign usually starts at  the beginning  stage of project development as well as adaptation of the project upon customer’s requests( it’s possible when apartment reservation occurs on the beginning phase of the project development). After the built house is put into commission, the customers sign the sale contracts. During the year after the realization of the house “Arhis” implement the management and maintenance of the house.

The distinctive features of the new buildings offered by our company:
- There is no bearing walls within the limits of apartment , so the owner of each apartment has the unique opportunity to create his own design and any replanning.
- We use hollow ceramic bricks – the material, the most auspicious for dwelling houses.
- Modern materials, used for the bearing structures of the houses, have the high thermal insulation.
- Over – standard insulation along the facades.
- Automatized thermal cluster gives the opportunity to keep the most economically efficient and comfortable conditions in the house.
- Possibility to install the fire-place on the upper level.
- Separate meters of   heat and cold and hot water consumption  in each apartment.
- Adjusting devices for heating units in each apartment.
- 3-phase electricity makes it possible to use any kitchen equipment, as well as modern sanitary facilities – built-in sauna, steam shower and others.