Development of water services in Valka, Latvia acc. with Fidic New Yellow Book

Client: Valka County Council
Contract obligations completed in 2009.

Project aimed to ensure that water and waste water services in Valka City are brought to the levels required by the relevant EU Directives, such as:
- Directive 98/83/EC (Requirements of Drinking Water);
- Directive 80/68/EEC (Protection of Groundwater against pollution caused by certain Dangerous Substances);
- Directive 91/271/EEC (Urban Wastewater Treatment);
and by national legislations.

The overall objectives are to improve the environmental infrastructure by a sound and successful implementation of the project, including:
- to reduce the soil and water pollution caused by leakage in sewage networks;
- to improve the environment and reducing the potential risk for public health;
- to improve the waste water situation in the beneficiary municipality to a level which is in conformity with the EU Directives including sludge treatment and disposal;
- provision of new extension of water networks and sewage networks and new house conncections establishement.

The scope of Arhis services includes technical Assistance for tender document preparation in accordance with requirements of FIDIC New Yellow Book:
Tender documentation for water networks and sewage in Valka City including:
- Detailed Design of reconstruction and construction of networks in accordance with Latvian Building norms and national legislation of environment protection;
- Technical Specifications/ Bill of Quantities;
- Costs estimation;